Shaping the Future of Agriculture Together

The AgLaunch Farm Trials program stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering a unique platform for farmers and agtech entrepreneurs to collaborate directly. This pioneering initiative grants farmers access to the latest in agricultural technology, providing them with a glimpse into the future of farming. More than just a preview, the program invites farmers to play a crucial role in shaping these technologies, ensuring they address the real and practical needs of the agricultural community.

A Win-Win for Farmers and Startups

Farmers participating in the AgLaunch Farm Trials not only experience the thrill of innovation but also have the chance to earn equity in the most promising agtech startups. This arrangement rewards their invaluable contributions with a share in the future successes of the agricultural sector. Supported by the experienced AgLaunch team, farmers integrate groundbreaking trials into their operations, effectively transforming their farms into incubators for next-generation agricultural technologies.

Driving Innovation through Real-World Testing

The AgLaunch Farm Trials program serves as a practical bridge connecting the dots between cutting-edge agtech innovations and the day-to-day challenges of farming. Designed for startups at the vanguard of agricultural technology, our program facilitates hands-on, on-farm product testing and validation. This direct engagement with farmers provides startups with essential insights and feedback, propelling product development forward and testing market viability in actual farming environments. With the support of nationally recognized partners and access to a wide range of environments and geographies, AgLaunch equips entrepreneurs with the data, knowledge, and confidence necessary to refine and scale their solutions.

An Opportunity to Influence Agricultural Evolution

By matching innovative startups with forward-thinking farmers, the Farm Trials Program catalyzes the exchange of knowledge and feedback, paving the way for enhanced agricultural products and practices. Startups gain invaluable access to a network of early adopters and benefit from real-world trial results, while participating farmers influence the next wave of agricultural technology and earn equity in emerging startups. This synergy not only accelerates the advancement of agtech but also promises to reshape the agricultural landscape.

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