Empowering Innovation

Join a forward-thinking community focused on grassroots innovation, where farmers lead the charge in agricultural technology.
Embrace a future of autonomy and resilience in farming, steering the course of agtech with firsthand insights.
Be a pioneer, pushing back against ag dependency and contributing to a collective quest for innovative farming practices.

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Engage directly with cutting-edge agtech, effectively outsourcing R&D and gain the chance to earn equity upside through field trials.
A partnership where your voice and expertise shape "Farmer Driven Innovation," benefiting from technologies that define farming's future.
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Countryside Angels

Gain access to a curated selection of agtech startups, leveraging AgVA's position for unique investment vantage points.
Combine farming experience with sector insights for strategic angel investing, extending beyond financial returns to shape agriculture's future.
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AgLaunch Farm Trials

Collaborate with entrepreneurs in agtech, directly influencing product development to meet real-world farming needs.
Gain the chance to earn equity upside, integrating cutting-edge trials into your operation, turning farms into launchpads for agricultural innovations.
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