Being a Member of Ag Ventures Alliance

At Ag Venture Alliance, joining our community is stepping into a future where the very essence of agriculture evolves through innovation and sustainable practices. By becoming a member, you align yourself with a group that values long-term, grassroots innovation, driven by the wisdom and needs of those it serves - the farmers.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a future where agricultural progress is led by the very hands that till the soil. Our members are at the forefront, driving the innovation that shapes the next generation of agricultural technology. This is more than participation; it's about being pioneers in a collective journey to enhance autonomy and resilience in farming, combating the forces that promote dependency on unsustainable practices.

Membership Benefits

Joining Ag Venture Alliance means accessing a suite of benefits tailored to empower you and the broader agricultural community, such as:
Direct Engagement with Agtech Innovations
Dive into the forefront of agricultural technology. Our Field Trial Network offers a hands-on experience with the latest developments, providing the opportunity to earn equity and directly influence the future of farming.
Exclusive Opportunities
As a member, gain first or exclusive access to participate in value-added businesses developed within our community
Support for Your Ventures
Have an idea for a value-added business? We offer development assistance to bring your vision to life, fostering innovation that benefits all.
Education and Empowerment
Our educational events are designed to enrich your knowledge and skills, keeping you abreast of the latest trends and techniques in agriculture.
Who Can Join?
Any individuals, businesses, or organizations with a passion for advancing agriculture.
What Does It Cost to Become a Member?
An initial investment of $250 is required, setting the foundation for your long-term involvement and benefits.
An annual fee of $25, due by March 31st each year, maintains your active status and access to benefits.

How to Join

Please note that the initial membership fee of $250 will be due upon submission.
Apply Now
Mail Application
Prefer paper? Print out the Membership Application Form and mail it along with your $250 initial membership fee to:
Ag Ventures Alliance
2009 4th St SW, Suite 1
Mason City, Iowa 50401
Please make check payable to Ag Ventures Alliance.