2023 Annual Meeting Videos

If you were unable to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting here are a few videos you don’t want to miss.

Lightning Round – Portfolio Companies

Lightning Round – https://youtu.be/8071n48Weww

Guest Speaker – Colin Hurd

Colin Hurd – https://youtu.be/XnmrbBC804E

State of the Coop – Spencer Stensrude

State of the Coop – https://youtu.be/-jJnXQtgk4k

Countryside Angels – Jordan Colby

Countryside Angels – https://youtu.be/EGvRoIn9kkc

Portfolio Company Videos

GenVax – https://youtu.be/lnq4En_qmC0

Global Neighbor – https://youtu.be/8n4JvoD8VSs

Innatrix – https://youtu.be/WSPBLNjs9hw

Mazen Animal Health – https://youtu.be/9FWPPlftfpY

PowerPollen – https://youtu.be/TvIifTt7qas

Tractor Zoom – https://youtu.be/OwUqeJ1LvyM

Swine Tech – https://youtu.be/gXtTaQzV6oY

Farmer Trial Panel – Pete Nelson & Farmers

Farmer Trial Panel – https://youtu.be/vG-lKiY7sMc