On-Farm Trials Summer 2019

At Ag Ventures Alliance we have always known the best way we can add value to startups is to get the startup in front of farmers. This process helps the startup understand the value they can add to a farm, the decision-making process, and the steps to implement the technology or product. After a soggy start to the season, our new friends at AgLaunch have helped to implement two on-farm trials with AgVA members for the Summer of 2019.

Shepherd Farming is developing a workflow management system for farmers. The farm participating in the trial this Summer will install the Shepherd app on three cell phones and use the app to coordinate what jobs need to be done by each employee. This trial is designed to provide qualitative feedback on the features and usability. The startup will monitor usage and follow-up with each trial participant to determine which features are most helpful and which features may be missing from the app. The farmer’s goal is to be more efficient and organized.

Rantizo is developing drone-application technology for use in row crop farming. The Rantizo trial will test the company’s “Fly & Apply” technology that allows them to perform an aerial scouting pass, create an application map, then deploy a drone to make a spray or broadcast application. This trial will broadcast cover crop seed in areas of a field that were drowned-out and too wet to replant this Spring. The company will test the drone’s productivity and a new use case in the cover crop application. The farmer’s goal is to increase water infiltration and keep weeds out of the bare spots. Rantizo will also apply fungicide late in the season, where needed starting this Summer. Their drones can spot treat fields and enable the profitable application of fungicide due to the ability of the drone to access fields late in the season without crop destruction.

If you like testing new technologies on your farm or have an interest in coaching startups in farmer-influenced product development contact Spencer to learn more.