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Ag Ventures Alliance invests in companies that increase farm profitability. We not only bring financial resources to the table but add value to each company by supplementing AgVA staff resources with our extensive farmer network to assure that products optimize farm productivity and income.

  • We are seed and startup stage investors
  • We can lead or merely participate in seed stage deals but let others lead in growth stage investments.
  • We are looking for disruptive technology that works and has a large, verifiable market.
  • The management team can be incomplete but must consist of intelligent, driven individuals who are willing to listen, take advice and are willing to grow the company to a successful exit.
  • We can invest anywhere in the U.S. but tend to focus on the Midwest.

AgVA Foundation

Consider applying for one of AgVA Foundation's grants!

Farm Trial Program

The Farm Trial Program matches startups that are building new products with innovative farmers to test and provide feedback to provide a better product for our farmers. Participating startups gain access to a network of early adopters, receive critical advice, and get field trial results. Participating farmers get to help shape the future of agriculture and earn equity in high-potential startups. Opportunities are limited so if you are an AgVA member and would like to participate in the Farm Trial Program please fill out the application to find the right match for you and one of the startups.

Countryside Angels

Find out more about Countryside Angels!